Guest List

Energy Transition Show guests (in chronological order)

Mike Grunwald, POLITICO
[Episode #1] – The Real War on Coal

Mackay Miller, National Grid
[Episode #2] – Limits on the Grid – Part 1

Bentham Paulos, Power Markets Project
[Episode #3] – Limits on the Grid – Part 2

Craig Morris, Renewables International
[Episode #4] – Energiewende

Jeremy Leggett, Solarcentury
[Episode #5] – Winning the Carbon War

Mark Lewis, Carbon Tracker
[Episode #6] – Transition from Oil

David Murphy, St. Lawrence University
[Episode #7] – EROI

Jason Burwen, Energy Storage Association
[Episode #8] – Storage on the Grid

Gregor Macdonald,
[Episode #9] – Macro Outlook for 2016

Lorenzo Kristov, California Independent System Operator (CAISO)
[Episode #10] – Grid Architecture of the Future

Ashish Fernandes, Greenpeace
[Episode #11] – India and Coal

Justin Guay, David and Lucile Packard Foundation
[Episode #12] – Energy Access for the Developing World

Mason Inman, Frack Lab
[Episode #13] – The Oracle of Oil

James West, Mother Jones
[Episode #14] – China’s Energy Future

Matthew Klippenstein, Green Car Reports
[Episode #15] – The Outlook for Electric Vehicles

Matt Golden, Open Energy Efficiency
[Episode #16] – Energy Efficiency Markets

Justin Gerdes, Independent Journalist
[Episode #17] – Denmark’s Energy Transition

Taylor Kuykendall, S&P Global Market Intelligence
[Episode #18] – The Collapse of Coal

Adam James, SolarCity
[Episode #19] – Distributed Renewables in Latin America and Beyond

Eric Gimon, Energy Innovation
[Episode #20] – Grid Evolution

Christine Eibs-Singer, Power for All
[Episode #21] – The Role of Development Banks in Energy Transition

Ed Crooks, Financial Times
[Episode #22] – Can Economics Guide the Energy Transition?

Jonathan Koomey, Stanford
[Episode #23] – Facts and Falsehoods in Energy Transition

Jim Kennerly, Sustainable Energy Advantage
[Episode #24] – Starting Over

Jordan Macknick, NREL
[Episode #25] – The Energy-Water Nexus

Oliver Morton, The Economist
[Episode #26] – Geoengineering

Marissa Hummon, Tendril
[Episode #27] – Better Grid Modeling

CC Huang, Energy Foundation China
[Episode #28] – Transition in Cities

Christopher Clack, Vibrant Clean Energy, LLC
[Episode #29] – Grid Simulation and Wind Potential

Ryan Wiser, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
[Episode #30] – The Future of Wind

Eamon Ryan, Ireland's Green Party
[Episode #31] – Transition in Ireland

Carey King, University of Texas - Austin
[Episode #32] – Resources and Economy

David Hughes, Post Carbon Institute
[Episode #33] – Fracking Follies

Richard Caperton, Oracle
[eLab Extra #1] – Next Generation Demand Response

Lorraine Akiba, Hawaii Public Utilities Commission
[eLab Extra #2] – Hawaii’s Energy Transition

Lorenzo Kristov, California Independent System Operator (CAISO)
[eLab Extra #3] – Grid Modernization and DERPs

Kees van der Leun, Ecofys
[Episode #34] – Transition in the North Sea and Netherlands

Eleanor Stein, EcoViva
[eLab Extra #4] – Transition in New York and the World

Karl Popham, Austin Energy
[eLab Extra #5] – EVs and More in Austin, TX

Jonathan Levy, Vision Ridge Partners
[eLab Extra #6] – Building EV Charging Infrastructure

Elizabeth Doris, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)
[eLab Extra #7] – How NREL Supports Energy Transition

Sean Kidney, Climate Bonds Initiative
[Episode #35] – Green Bonds

Joseph Majkut, Niskanen Center
[Episode #36] – Climate Science Part 1 – Climate Change Overview

Erin Craig, 3Degrees
[Episode #37] – Corporate Buyers of Renewables

Jay Apt, Carnegie Mellon University
[Episode #38] – Getting from Here to There

Jenny Riesz, Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO)
[Episode #39] – Transition in Australia

Zeke Hausfather, Berkeley Earth
[Episode #40] – Climate Science Part 2 – Taking Planetary Temperatures

Gavin Bade, Utility Dive
[Episode #41] – Generator Survival Strategies

Rembrandt Koppelaar, Institute for Integrated Economic Research (IIER)
[Episode #42] – Can Renewables Power the World?

Ari Peskoe, Harvard Law School
[Episode #43] – Legal Challenges of PURPA and FERC

Benjamin Sovacool, University of Sussex
[Episode #44] – Different Strokes

Robert Kopp, Rutgers University
[Episode #45] – Climate Science Part 3 – Paleoclimate

Christopher Clack, Vibrant Clean Energy, LLC
[Episode #46] – Is 100% Renewables Realistic?

Claude Turmes, European Green Party
[Episode #47] – Transition in Europe

Sara Harris, University of British Columbia
[Episode #48] – Climate Science Part 4 – Teaching the Carbon Cycle

Justin Ritchie, University of British Columbia
[Episode #49] – Climate Science Part 5 – Business As Usual

Alexandra Klass, University of Minnesota
[Episode #50] – Siting Long Distance Transmission Lines

Bastiaan J. van Ruijven, IIASA
[Episode #51] – Climate Science Part 6 – Emissions Scenarios

Jonathan Koomey, Stanford
[Episode #52] – 2-Year Anniversary – Destination Unknown

Robert Bean, Indoor Climate Consultants Inc.
[Episode #53] – Electrifying Heating

William Rees, University of British Columbia
[Episode #54] – Resource Limitations

Martin Wästljung, ABB
[Episode #55] – Voltage Stability

Molly Webb, The Climate Group
[Episode #56] – Blockchain in Energy Transition

Glen Peters, CICERO
[Episode #57] – Climate Science Part 7 – Carbon Budget

Paul Denholm, NREL
[Episode #58] – Solar with Storage

Garvin Heath, NREL
[Episode #59] – Lifecycle Assessment

Sara Bell, Tempus Energy
[Episode #60] – Demand Flexibility

Tad Pfeffer, University of Colorado at Boulder
[Episode #61] – Climate Science Part 8 – Melting Glaciers and Sea Level Rise

Tim Johnson, Duke University
[Duke Energy Week extra #1] – Energy and Environment Education

Dalia Patino-Echeverri, Duke University
[Duke Energy Week extra #2] – Integration and Market Challenges in Grid Evolution

Kyle Bradbury, Duke University Energy Initiative
[Duke Energy Week extra #3] – Storage Potential, the Role of EVs, and Data Analytics

Thad Moore, Post and Courier
[Episode #62] – How Advance Cost Recovery Swindled the South

Mackay Miller, National Grid
[Episode #63] – Pathways to Deep Decarbonization

Eric Gimon, Energy Innovation
[Episode #64] – Ask Eric

Valerie Trouet, University of Arizona
[Episode #65] – Climate Science Part 9 – Jet Stream

Liam Denning, Bloomberg
[Episode #66] – Transition’s Disruptors Part 1

Liam Denning, Bloomberg
[Episode #67] – Transition’s Disruptors Part 2

Gernot Wagner, Harvard University
[Episode #68] – Environmental Economics

Laura Wisland, Union of Concerned Scientists
[Episode #69] – Western Grid Regionalization

Michael Panfil, Environmental Defense Fund
[Episode #70] – Who Should Control Wholesale Markets?

Ivor Frischknecht, Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA)
[Episode #71] – Australia at the Cutting Edge

Adam Browning, Vote Solar
[Episode #72] – The Future of Solar

Gary Wolfram, Hillsdale College
[Episode #73] – Regulatory Capture

Charlie Wilson, Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research
[Episode #74] – Climate Science Part 10: How to limit warming to 1.5°C without CCS

Constantine "Costa" Samaras, Carnegie Mellon University
[Episode #75] – Transportation Transition

Mark Lewis, Carbon Tracker
[Episode #76] – Carbon Clampdown

Robyn Beavers, Blueprint Power
[Episode #77] – Perspectives of an Energy Transition Veteran

Jonathan Koomey, Stanford
[Episode #78] – 3-Year Anniversary on the Jonathan Koomey Omnibus

Samuel Golding, Community Choice Partners
[Episode #79] – Community Choice Aggregations (CCAs)

Pier LaFarge, Sparkfund
[Episode #80] – Building Infrastructure as a Service

David Murphy, St. Lawrence University
[Episode #81] – Principles of Energy Transition

Scott Tew, Center for Energy Efficiency & Sustainability at Ingersoll Rand (CEES)
[Episode #82] – The Business Case for Renewable Energy

Patrick Graichen, Agora Energiewende
[Episode #83] – Revisiting Germany’s Energiewende

Robbie Orvis, Energy Innovation
[Episode #84] – Designing Climate Solutions

Michael Liebreich, Bloomberg New Energy Finance
[Episode #85] – Foreign Aid for Microgrids

Inês Azevedo, Carnegie Mellon University
[Episode #86] – Is Transition Worth It?

Arne Olson, E3
[Episode #87] – The Value of Flexible Solar

Alex Gilbert, SparkLibrary
[Episode #88] – Energy Trade in Transition

Richenda Van Leuuwen, Global LPG Partnership
[Episode #89] – Energy Access and Health

Pete Fuller, Autumn Lane Energy Consulting
[Episode #90] – How Will Decarbonized Power Markets Work?

Tim Buckley, Institute of Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA)
[Episode #91] – Energy Transition in India and Southeast Asia, Part 1

Chris Hansen, Colorado House of Representatives
[Episode #92] – Financing Coal Plant Retirements

Tim Buckley, Institute of Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA)
[Episode #93] – Energy Transition in India and Southeast Asia, Part 2

Lorenzo Kristov, California Independent System Operator (CAISO)
[Episode #94] – Integrated Decentralized Power Systems

Dmitrii Bogdanov, Lappeenranta University of Technology
[Episode #95] – Powering the world with RE

Debbie Hopkins, University of Oxford
[Episode #96] – Sustainable Mobility

Miles Farmer, NRDC
[Episode #97] – How State Policies Can Drive Decarbonization

Russell Gold, Wall Street Journal
[Episode #98] – Why Building Transmission is So Hard

Morgan Bazilian, Colorado School of Mines
[Episode #99] – Metals Supply in Energy Transition

Sridhar Seetharaman, Colorado School of Mines
[Episode #100] – Teaching Energy Transition

Jonathan Koomey, Stanford
[Episode #101] – What We Don’t Know About Energy Transition

Michael Wara, Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment
[Episode #102] – Transition as Wildfire Adaptation in California

Colin Campbell, Petroleum Analysis Centre
[Episode #103] – A Return to Regionalism

Jonathan Koomey, Stanford
[Episode #104] – 4-Year Anniversary Show

Travis Kavulla, NRG Energy
[Episode #105] – Can Competition Decarbonize Electricity?

Jesse Burton, University of Cape Town
[Episode #106] – Transition in South Africa

Sally Benson, Stanford University
[Episode #107] – Macro-Energy Systems

Kingsmill Bond, Carbon Tracker
[Episode #108] – Will Energy Transition Be Rapid or Gradual?

Neela Banerjee, Inside Climate News
[Episode #109] – Big Oil’s Climate Denial Machine

Mark Lewis, Carbon Tracker
[Episode #110] – Death Toll for Petrol

Christopher Clack, Vibrant Clean Energy, LLC
[Episode #111] – No Coal in our Christmas Stockings

Glen Peters, CICERO
[Episode #112] – Climate Science Part 11 – Climate Confusion

Joe Daniel, Union of Concerned Scientists
[Episode #113] – Coal Plant Self-Scheduling

Andy Bochman, Idaho National Laboratory
[Episode #114] – Cyber and Climate Risks

Kate Mackenzie, Bloomberg Green
[Episode #115] – Wildfire and Transition in Australia

Nico Bauer, Potsdam Institute
[Episode #116] – Climate Science Part 12a – Improving Climate Modeling

Nico Bauer, Potsdam Institute
[Episode #117] – Climate Science Part 12b – Improving Climate Modeling

Stephen Lacey, Post Script Audio
[Episode #118] – Open and Answered Questions

Paulina Jaramillo, Carnegie Mellon University
[Episode #119] – Energy Basics Parts 1–3

Liam Denning, Bloomberg
[Episode #120] – Carnage in the Oil Patch

Leah Stokes, University of California Santa Barbara
[Episode #121] – Winning and Losing the Policy Game

Will Gorman, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
[Episode #122] – Hybrid Power Plants

Dustin Mulvaney, San Jose State University
[Episode #123] – Sustainable Energy Transitions

Nat Bullard, Bloomberg New Energy Finance
[Episode #124] – Energy Transition Progress Report

Auke Hoekstra, Eindhoven University of Technology
[Episode #125] – Beyond Planet of the Humans

David Murphy, St. Lawrence University
[Episode #126] – Energy Basics Parts 4–6 – Electricity, Generation and Grid Management

Jules Kortenhorst,
[Episode #127] – Hard-to-Decarbonize Sectors

Paul Komor, University of Colorado Boulder
[Episode #128] – Energy Basics Parts 7–9 – The Electricity Business and Power Markets

Jeffrey Sachs, Columbia University
[Episode #129] – Deep Decarbonization Policy for the US

Jonathan Koomey, Stanford
[Episode #130] – 5-Year Anniversary Show

Jamil Farbes, Evolved Energy Research
[Episode #131] – Decarbonizing the US by 2050

Jenny Chase, Bloomberg New Energy Finance
[Episode #132] – The Future of Solar

Mark Campanale, Carbon Tracker
[Episode #133] – Stranded Assets