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[Episode #22] – Can Economics Guide the Energy Transition?

Is conventional, free-market economic theory really up to the task of energy transition and combating climate change? Can we let the so-called invisible hand of the market guide us through the troubled waters ahead, or will we need firm policy direction and deliberate, top-down planning to secure the best outcomes? How useful can free markets be, in transitioning us away from coal, and meeting our climate targets and securing enough carbon-free power to run our societies? Will they be any help at all in supporting technologies like carbon capture and sequestration, or geoengineering? Can negative discount rates help us pay for climate change mitigation projects? And what does the future hold for oil? We discuss all of these questions and more with veteran energy editor Ed Crooks of the Financial Times.


Ed Crooks is the US industry and energy editor at the Financial Times

On Twitter: @Ed_Crooks

On the Web: Ed Crooks articles at FT

Recording date: June 27, 2016

Air date: July 27, 2016

Geek rating: 6