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[Episode #177] – Utility Corruption

Many people don’t know their local utility could be actively working against the energy transition and in opposition to public interests. In this episode, we review the manifold ways some utilities used customer money to distort public perceptions of the facts, and to lie about their own anti-social activities. We’ll explore stories of how corrupt utilities haved blocked progress on the energy transition, refused to reduce their own emissions, and made it difficult for consumer energy resources to participate on the power grid. These elements are illustrated through reviewing several notable cases of US utility sector corruption, and hearing how activists are asking the federal government to crack down on their abuses. We’ll also learn how the public and consumer advocates can help prevent such abuses.


David Pomerantz is the executive director of the Energy and Policy Institute, a watchdog organization that exposes anti-clean energy, anti-democracy behavior by fossil fuel companies, utilities, and their lobbying and public relations machines through investigative research and analysis. Prior to joining EPI in 2016, David spent eight years working with Greenpeace on campaigns to move the electric sector away from fossil fuels and towards clean energy.

On Twitter: @DavidPomerantz

On the Web:  Energy and Policy Institute

Recording date: June 6, 2022

Air date: July 20, 2022

Geek rating: 2