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[Episode #88] – Energy Trade in Transition

The global energy trade is enormously complex, and its geopolitical implications are vast, but they are only made more complex by energy transition. If the US exports gas to Europe and Asia, might you expect it to largely displace coal in their power plants? Think again! What will be the geopolitical ramifications on our relationship with Russia, as we send more of our gas to China and India? And as the US weans itself off of coal, and seeks to export more coal abroad, will it be stymied by energy transition in foreign countries, as well as political impediments at home?

And what of US “energy independence?” Does it mean that the US is actually self-sufficient in energy, or even just in fossil fuels, in the sense that we may not need imports anymore? And what is the value of it anyway, especially if it also means increased dependence on export markets abroad?

Tune in as we explore some of the fascinating questions about the implications of energy transition on energy trade in this interview, and be prepared to be surprised by some of our guest’s answers!


Alex Gilbert is cofounder of SparkLibrary, an energy research and data firm based in Washington, D.C. His expertise lies in cross- and inter-disciplinary analysis of energy markets and regulations, with specialties in electricity, natural gas, and nuclear power. Previously, Alex analyzed US energy markets for private sector clients at Haynes and Boone, LLP. Gilbert has a Masters of Energy Regulation and Law from Vermont Law School and actively publishes in energy policy journals.

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Recording date: January 4, 2019

Air date: February 6, 2019

Geek rating: 8