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[eLab Extra #6] – Building EV Charging Infrastructure

This is a special, free "extra" episode recorded at RMI’s eLab Annual Summit in December 2016 in Austin, Texas.

Should utilities be allowed to own EV charging infrastructure, or should that be reserved for private charging companies? How many Level 3 high-voltage chargers do we need at workplaces and shopping areas? And how do we build charging infrastructure now that won’t become stranded assets if and when we transition to fleets of autonomous vehicles? We interview Jonathan Levy of Vision Ridge Partners at RMI’s eLab Summit 2016 to find out.


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Jonathan Levy serves as Director of Policy and Strategy at Vision Ridge Partners. Jonathan brings more than a decade of experience in the federal government to the team, first as a policy advisor to then-Congressman Rahm Emanuel and most recently as Deputy Chief of Staff to Ernest Moniz at the U.S. Department of Energy. Over the course of his career, Jonathan has consistently tackled some of the most difficult policy, political, and management issues facing his organization. He graduated magna cum laude from Emory University with a degree in Political Science.

On Twitter: @JonDC51

On the Web: Vision Ridge Partners | Jonathan Levy’s LinkedIn Profile

Recording date: December 9, 2016

Air date: January 18, 2017

Geek rating: 2