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[ Episode #83 // Degrowth 2014 // Part B ]

The degrowth movement seeks to decolonize a cultural imaginary that is currently directed to expand the scale and scope of a materially extractive economy. Through adopting strategies like voluntary simplicity and convivial activities, degrowth advocates aim to create an economic system that is compatible with the biosphere. Are the ideas and concepts of degrowth ready for a wider debate?

In Extraenvironmentalist #83 we publish a much belated podcast to wrap-up our two part series on the 2014 International Degrowth Conference where The Extraenvironmentalist team was livestreaming and recording sessions. We first hear from post-growth researcher André Reichel about whether solutions for climate change are cheap and easy. Then, we speak with three of the Degrowth 2014 organizers, Christopher Laumanns, Jonas Streicher and Malo Vidal about the state of the conversation on growth in Germany. Next, we hear a recap from our chief blog editor and EU correspondent Louisa Clarence-Smith as she interviews Federico Demaria about how he balances academic work on degrowth with living those concepts on an organic olive oil cooperative. To close out 2015 for the XE podcast, Seth and Justin discuss views on whether the Global North should degrow so the Global South can grow, as highlighted by the viewpoints of Sunita Narain and Giorgos Kallis.


// Links and News Items

Paul Krugman: Could fighting global warming be cheap and free
Paul Krugman on whether energy is a limit to growth
New Climate Economy Report

// Books

Degrowth: A Vocabulary for a New Era by by Giacomo D'Alisa, Federico Demaria & Giorgios Kallis

// Extended Clips (in order of appearance)


Conversations with degrowth conference attendees as recorded by Louisa Clarence-Smith


Nate Hagens on Degrowth vs. Limits to Growth?

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Caribou - Back Home (umami edit)
The Avener - Fade Out Lines (Synapson Remix)
Indiana - Only The Lonely (Fred Falke Remix)
Ed Sheeran - I See Fire (Kalev Remix)
Son Little - The River (DGTO Remix)

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Our correspondent and editor Kevin via Sustainable Guidance Youtube Channel

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