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[ Episode #82 // Degrowth 2014 // Part A ]

The degrowth movement seeks to redefine a cultural imagination focused on expanding the scale and scope of a materially extractive economy. Through adopting strategies like voluntary simplicity and convivial activities, degrowth advocates aim to create an economic system that is compatible with the biosphere. Are the ideas and concepts of degrowth ready for a wider debate?

In Extraenvironmentalist #82 we look at Part A of a two part series on the 2014 International Degrowth Conference where The Extraenvironmentalist team was livestreaming and recording sessions. We first hear from Hartmut Rosa on ideas for subverting the motivations in our own lives which replicate the logic of unsustainable growth. Then, we talk to Geoff Garver, one of the lead organizers of the 2012 Montreal Degrowth conference, about the ideas of degrowth and the general assemblies that worked on moving the developing the concept further.

// Links and News Items article on Degrowth
Transcript of interview with Gail Tverberg by Nathan
Paul Krugman on climate change and degrowth

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[Break] - 31m

What is Degrowth? for edited by Sam Bliss


Naomi Klein @ the Degrowth 2014 Opening Session

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