What is The Extraenvironmentalist Podcast?

The Extraenvironmentalist is a way of thinking.

It is also a podcast, blog and video series that explores the mindset of an outsider looking in on Earth. Such an outsider would be immediately struck by how unsustainable our social, environmental and economic systems are and would promote awareness of this problem while proposing alternatives.

Through The Extraenvironmentalist we'll create a map for understanding and navigating the transition from the relatively stable world we thought we could expect into the unpredictable and tumultuous world of the early 21st century. With conversations that confront the magnitude of this challenge, our generation can band together and create a solidarity of understanding resulting in a meaningful path of action.


An Extraenvironmentalist Manifesto

You aren’t being borne along the current of an inevitable thing, you are able to steer from what brings you down, make alliances with what supports you. Personal empowerment means deconditioning from values of the society, putting your own values in place. Realize you must shoot for Extra-environmentalism.

When people say they feel like a creature from outer space, that’s not such a bad way to feel, it means you see the game, you don’t buy in, they can’t buy you with a Mercedes, business trips to Paris. It’s a controlled alienation, where you cultivate extra-environmentalism. You are at home everywhere, you are always comfortable, you don’t have to be with people of your class, culture, or earning capacity to feel alright.

Terrence the poet, said, I am a human being therefore nothing human is alien to me. That’s the thing, you accept the human, but be comfortable to acclimate to any cultural styles. It’s a magical thing, you’re a performer, you move through these things knowing this is not who I am, what I am, merely a response to the demands of the moment.


We're also a non-profit organization!

The Extraenvironmentalist is a media production and also a non-profit organization. We are registered in the US as Imagitrends: Association for Sustainable Futures and our Federal Tax ID # is 38-35-93009

Donations made since the beginning of 2012 are tax-deductible for our US based listeners and may be deductible based on the tax laws in your country.