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Guest: Shayle Kann

Shayle Kann is Managing Director at Energy Impact Partners, a venture capital fund investing in companies shaping the energy landscape of the future. Previously, Shayle built and ran GTM Research, the market intelligence arm of Greentech Media, where he led a 30-person team tracking and forecasting the evolution of the electricity sector. His writing has been featured in publications such as Foreign Affairs, Nature Energy and Public Utilities Fortnightly. He is co-host of the energy podcast The Interchange.

On Twitter: @shaylekann

On the Web: The Interchange

Shayle Kann is featured in:

[Episode #118] – Open and Answered Questions

Full Episode

In this lagniappe episode, we ask: what are some unanswered questions about the energy transition from five years ago, but that seem answered today? And what are the new questions that have emerged over the past five years which remain unanswered today? Those are the topics of this first-ever joint production of the Energy Transition Show and the Interchange podcast, which is being delivered to the audience of both shows. And because it’s one of our two annual Energy Transition Show lagniappe episodes, we’re running the full show in front of the paywall, so that all of our free listeners can enjoy the whole thing as well!

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