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Guest: Colin McKerracher

Colin McKerracher manages coverage of the transport sector at BloombergNEF. His team analyses the policy, technology and economic factors shaping the future of road transport. Main areas of coverage include electric vehicles, batteries, charging infrastructure, shared mobility, autonomous driving and energy market impacts.

On Twitter: @colinmckerrache

On the Web:  Colin’s author page on Bloomberg

Colin McKerracher is featured in:

[Episode #210] – Transportation Transition Update

Are EV sales about to hit an inflection point and rapidly take majority market shares for new vehicles?

And if they are, does that portend a peak in global oil demand before the end of this decade?

The transportation team at BloombergNEF certainly thinks so.

In this data-packed, two-hour conversation, team lead Colin McKerracher walks us through their latest report, Electric Vehicle Outlook 2023, published in September. We explore the outlook for EVs, plug-in hybrids, and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles in all vehicle classes. We consider the differing trajectories of EV adoption in various parts of the world, and especially the rapid uptake of two- and three-wheeled electric vehicles in Asia. We discuss the looming need for more charging infrastructure and the implications of increased vehicular demand for the utility industry. We review the changing competitive landscape for the world’s major automakers, and see which ones are leading and which ones are lagging, and why. And we revisit the question of whether the world can produce enough key minerals to keep EV production growing.

Geek rating: 6