Topic: Ritual

[ Episode #80 // Dying Wisdom ]

Though death is an inevitable part of life, do we really act as if we know we're going to die? In a culture that glorifies youth and technology, the true acknowledgement of death can come as an affront to our perceived ability to negotiate with limits. Can we each acknowledge the role of death in our lives to create a wiser life, throughout and at its end?

Stephen Jenkinson returns in Extraenvironmentalist #80 to discuss the wisdom that death can bring to our distaste of limits. Then, we talk to hospice nurse Meg Smith about the epidemic of cognitive impairment among the elderly and speak with Caitlin Doughty of the Order of the Good Death about alternative death rituals.


// Extended Clips (in order of appearance)

[First Break] - 37m

Peter Saul - Dying in 21st Century
"What should we think about death?" Narrated by Stephen Fry

[Second Break] - 51m

Alan Watts - Death
Stephen Jenkinson from Extraenvironmentalist #51


Shane Koyczan - The Crickets Have Arthritis

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Thrupence - Don't You Mind via Portals
Rising Appalachia - Sunu
Panama - Always via Beatport
Buffy Sainte-Marie - Little Wheel Spin and Spin via IndieShuffle
I Am Oak - On Trees and Birds and Fire (Sam Feldt Bloombox Remix)

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