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[ Episode #87 // Permaculture Paradigm ]

Usually we think of permaculture as a system for land and food, where humans work with the flows and systems of nature. Can we also apply permaculture to societies? To our justice or education systems? Can we reorganize our civilization to live on yield rather than the principle before depleting our most important stocks?

In Extraenvironmentalist #87 we talk about the ideas permaculture offers to our societies. First, we hear from a series of interviews and discussions at North American permaculture conferences and convergences. Then, we have several segments with Toby Hemenway as he highlights basic design principles of permaculture, the paradigm shift they entail and the ways to restructure our civilization from agriculture toward horticulture.


// Speakers in Order of Apperance

Chuck Marsh -
Rennie Davis -
Andrew Millison – PDC Online
Don Tipping -
Mark Robinowitz –
Jude Hobbs -
Pandora Thomas -
Scott Pittman -
Jenny Pell –
Claudia Joseph -
Kelda Lorax –
Rick Valley –
Charlotte Anthony –
Penny Livingston -
Toby Hemenway -
Joel Salatin -
Larry Santoyo -
Jacki Saorsail -
Peter Bane -

// Books

Gaia's Garden: A Guide to Home-Scale Permaculture by Toby Hemenway
The Permaculture City: Regenerative Design for Urban, Suburban, and Town Resilience by Toby Hemenway
The Permaculture Handbook: Garden Farming for Town and Country by Peter Bane

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// Production Credits and Notes

Our editor Kevin via Sustainable Guidance Youtube Channel

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[ Episode #58 // Permaculture Possibilities ]

Even though our global environmental challenges have become dramatically more severe over the last several decades, our understanding of ecological processes have significantly deepened. Permaculture approaches offer a unique toolkit to address problems of desertification, poisoned landcapes, impure water supplies and more. Yet will low-tech solutions that work with nature be able to capture a public imagination expecting technological progress to look like business as usual?

In Extraenvironmentalist #58 our correspondent Kevin joins us to cover permaculture approaches to our global challenges. We hear segments from Pacific Northwest Permaculture Convergence sessions on innovative landscape management practices, biochar for carbon sequestration, mycological approaches to cleaning up our pollution and more. We also hear a few extended interviews from the Pacific Northwest Permaculture Convergence to wrap up our coverage of the largest permaculture summit in North America.

// Additional Links

Extraenvironmentalist Youtube Channel for New Economy Summit Coverage
Coursera MOOC on Climate Change Literacy
Allan Savory's TED Talk on Greening Deserts

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The Overview Effect

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// Speakers in Order of Appearance

3:06 - Maurice Robinette via
13:40 - Francesco Tortorici
15:52 - Chuck Estin via
16:30 - Francesco Tortorici
22:49 - Peter McCoy via
37:28 - Forest Shomer via
41:00 - Andrew Millison via
52:19 - Judith Alexander via
55:42 - Paul Cienfuegos via
1:04:55 - Mark Robinowitz via
1:25:26 - Josho Somine
1:41:00 - Nancy Chase via

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Kevin via Sustainable Guidance Youtube Channel


[ Episode #57 // Permaculture Convergence ]

Despite the massive destruction our species has wrought on the earth, we've also learned a tremendous amount about ecological systems in the process. As our old narrative of domination crumbles, an understanding of how to work with nature is emerging. Can we apply the ideas of permaculture to society when facing energy depletion, climate change and social breakdown? Will our future society be able to regenerate the planet?

In Extraenvironmentalist #57 we hear from the many speakers at the 2012 Northwest Permaculture Convergence as recorded by our editor Kevin.  We hear segments from the dozens of conference session sessions themed around permaculture approaches to global challenges, the social aspects of permaculture and ideas on the built environment. Kevin explains some of what he learned about permaculture from attending the conference and we briefly discuss a few signs that our economic reality is quickly changing. 

Note: On our next episode we'll be bringing you a bit more coverage from the Pacific NW Permaculture Convergence.

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[Break] - 1h10m

Max Keiser - Soviet era of empty shelves dawns
Michael Hudson via Renegade Economists on 3cr
Bailout terms shock Cypriots


John Liu - Green Gold

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Learn more about the speakers along with full time-coded show notes here:

// Speakers in Order of Appearance

Learn more about the speakers along with full time-coded show notes here:

[Permaculture Approach to Challenges] - 3m46s

Mark Robinowitz
Mike Maki
Jan Spencer
Andrew Millison
Sharon Ferguson
Marisha Auerbach
Jenny Pell
Maurice Robinette
Rick Valley
Michael Pilarski
Pat Rasmussen
Forest Shomer

[Social Aspects of Permaculture] - 45m55s

Judith Alexander
Maurice Robinette
Sharon Ferguson
Jenny Pell
Mighk Simpson
Mark Lakeman
Forest Shomer
Mike Maki
Afia Menke
Marisha Auerbach
Melanie Rios
Jan Spencer
Mark Robinowitz

[Permaculture Approaches to the Built Environment] - 1h20m05s

Afia Menke (reading from an unsourced book)
Mark Lakeman
Andrew Millison
Joel Lee
Marisha Auerbach
Jan Spencer
Rick Valley
Mark Robinowitz
Sharon Ferguson

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Kevin via Sustainable Guidance Youtube Channel