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[ Episode #62 // Land Grabs ]

A financial sector built on a foundation of continuous material expansion is seeking returns in a slowing global economy. Will investments in global farmland be able to provide the returns expected by pension funds, endowments and future financial claims? Why are investors suddenly emphasizing the same data and charts that environmentalists have been pointing towards for decades?

In Extraenvironmentalist #62 we discuss the global race for farmland with Fred Pearce as detailed in his recent book: The Land Grabbers. We hear about his journey around the world to uncover the secret deals being signed by governments at the expense of their people. Then we speak with Gregor Macdonald about the global energy trends driving this search for innovative returns. Gregor describes why the age of nuclear power is ending as complexity overwhelms large systems and how the global economy has changed dramatically since conventional oil reached its plateau.

// Books

Fred Pearce // The Land Grabbers
Gregor Macdonald // Solar's Rise, Nuclear's Demise - June Issue of Terrajoule

// News and Other Items Discussed

One year away from global riots (from 9 months ago)
6.2% Food Inflation in Saudi Arabia
With electricity and water in short supply, Egyptians grow tense

XE Video with Dennis McKenna
XE Video with Nate Hagens

New Economics Institute ReRoute Summit - July 19th-21st

Beatboxin' Rick Wolff

// Extended Clips (in order of appearance)

[Break] - 23m

Michael Hudson from an upcoming episode of the Extraenvironmentalist
Glen Gary & Ross - A Film About Land Grabs
Jack Alpert from Extraenvironmentalist #11
Brazil - Protests of Discontent


A clip from our recent video with Nate Hagens

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Our correspondent and editor Kevin via Sustainable Guidance Youtube Channel

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