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[ Autumn 2015 Interlude // Archaeoacoustics ]

[ Episode #74 // Addiction Thinking ]

Creating a society around the idea of access to leisure time has resulted in the unintended consequence of rampant addictive behaviors. Nearly ubiquitous access to mobile high resolution screens and instantaneous information is an experiment on a massive scale. Will our sensory inputs be able to overcome the addictive tendencies of the human species? Can we examine our addictions to the harmful narratives at the foundation of our institutions and cultures?

In Extraenvironmentalist #74 we talk about the dynamics of addiction in modern civilization with one of the field's pioneers, Stanton Peele, as he discusses his decades of work and the ideas in his new book Recover!: Stop Thinking Like an Addict and Reclaim Your Life with the PERFECT Program. Stanton explains how people have recovered from addictions throughout history without the use of pharmaceutical aids and how we can be empowered to overcome addictive behaviors. Then, Charles Eisenstein returns to our show to discuss our addictions to the stories at the basis of our civilization and how to respond as they continue to unravel. We talk about Charles' new book, The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know is Possible.

// Books

Recover!: Stop Thinking Like an Addict and Reclaim Your Life with the PERFECT Program by Stanton Peele
Love and Addiction by Stanton Peele
The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know is Possible by Charles Eisenstein

// Links and News Items

#1. CNBC: can you be addicted to wealth

#2. Dubai: The World's Tallest Building May Soon Be Without Elevator Service

#3. China real estate

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[Break] - 37m

Gabor Mate on What is Addiction


Krishnamurti - Breaking the Pattern

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Pixies - Where is My Mind (Young Edits Balearic Anxiety Mix)
Japanese Wallpaper - Breathe In (Hanami Remix) via Adam Not Eve
Du Tonic - I'm On Fire (Bruce Springsteen Cover) via Harder Blogger Faster
Shujo - Owls on Her Pajamas

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Our correspondent and editor Kevin via Sustainable Guidance Youtube Channel

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[ Episode #70 // Downloading Responsibility ]

An ongoing economic crash that feels like the onset of a deep freeze is far more exhausting than a rapid implosion. As bubbles are reflated and debts accumulate yet again, the system lurches towards its next financial accident. While the global operating system fails, can the exchange of critical goods and services detach from failing currencies? Does the international financial system retain any value if people no longer need it?

In Extraenvironmentalist #70 we catch up with Nicole Foss and Laurence Boomert on their tour across North America as they speak with communities about preparing for hard times. Nicole and Laurence highlight community initiatives that can help people meet basic needs, even as monetary institutions pursue desperation measures. Then, John Michael Greer joins us [88m] to answer a few listener questions and to highlight the lack of whole systems thinking in internet visionaries after Seth and Justin discuss the money illusion.

// Books

Local Dollars, Local Sense by Michael Shuman
Inquiries Into the Nature of Slow Money by Woody Tasch
The Money Illusion by Irving Fisher

// News and Other Items Discussed

Freicoin - the demurrage based cryptocurrency

// Extended Clips (in order of appearance)

[Break] - 35m

Consum-oholic zombies fed big debt transfusion
Living Debt: Rising costs in UK force millions to borrow
Bartering to survive in Spain
I'm broke, let's barter - Greece's new alternative economy


Alan Watts

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Dorothy Morrison - Rain (Bobby Busnach Make it Rain Remix)

Skeewiff - Man of Constant Sorrow
Ed Sheeran - I See Fire (Kygo Remix) via Earmilk
ZZ Ward - 365 Days (Jerry Folk Remix) via Jaqui
Fredico Aubele - Somewhere Else

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Our correspondent and editor Kevin via Sustainable Guidance Youtube Channel

Kevin in CA for the Filter Bubble Wrap at the end

Episode art: Wall Street in 1929, one week before the Black Friday crash. People gather due to high volume of trading.

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[ Episode #54 // Love + Marriage ]

Our cultural institutions face such immense challenges from economic and environmental factors that even our assumptions about love and marriage on the table. What does recent research into early human sexuality say about our ideas of love as practiced by our early ancestors? In hard times, did our predecessors practice fierce egalitarianism to ensure group survival?

In Extraenvironmentalist #54 Chris Ryan joins us to talk about evidence of prehistoric sexuality in the book Sex at Dawn: The Prehistoric Origins of Modern Sexuality co-written with Cacilda Jetha. Chris discusses his research into why so many marriages fail. We try to develop a conversation about sex and love between all guys without turning it into a boys club. Is that even possible? Examples are given of rituals from ancient societies that bypassed jealousy to defeat feelings of scarcity amongst hunter-gatherer bands.

// Music (in order of appearance)

Frank Sinatra - Love and Marriage (Remix)via Youtube
Marvin Gaye - Sexual Healing (Ohdahl Remix) via Tracasseur
Mariah Carey - We Belong Together (Siik Remix) via Soundcloud
Porter Robinson and Matt Zo - Easy (Extended Remix) via The Music Ninja
Marvin Gaye - Let's Get It On (Leonard Destroy Remix) via The Blunted Library

// Extended Clips (in order of appearance)

[Break] - 39m

Alan Watts on why Christianity is afraid of sex


Jiddhu Krishnamurti on Sex and Love

[Additional Resources]

Secrets of the Tribe
XE on C-Realm Podcast #334
XE on the Ecohypen Podcast via Ecohyphen

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Kevin via Sustainable Guidance Youtube Channel


[ Episode #44 // Evolving Innovation ]

Our understanding of innovation has been shaped by decades of growth in the rate by which we can extract environmental resources. Now that conventional oil reserves are no longer flowing as readily, what does this do to how our modern civilization thinks about innovation? Do the innovations of the future involve faster processors and further advances is silicon materials or will it encompass something entirely different? Can we achieve sustainability through innovating?

In Extraenvironmentalist #44 we discuss the archeology of innovation with Sander van der Leeuw to learn how our complex societies have shifted short-term risks to long-term risks through the application of technologies. Sander explains how our complex societies developed and describes why our previous models of innovation may not address issues of sustainability. We ask if the genius factor can have a role in developing the breakthroughs necessary to preserve our species or if we'll need to look for other models of development. Then, we travel to Salt Spring Island, BC to meet Amy and Larry who innovated in low-energy models of living by living off the grid for fourteen years in California.

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C2C - Mack the Knife (Tribute to Louis Armstrong)  via Soundcloud
The Mynabirds - Body of Work via Stereogum
Santigold - The Keepers via Pretty Much Amazing
Hacienda - Don't Turn Out the Lights via The Eargazm
I Am Oak - On Trees and Birds and Fire via Soundcloud
Clams Casino - Swervin (Remix) via Stereogum
Phaeleh - Orchid via Soundcloud
Arcade Fire - Sprawl II (Damian Taylor Remix) via Soundcloud
C2C - Down the Road via Soundcloud

// Extended Clips (in order of appearance)
Sander van der Leeuw

Nipun Metha - Designing for Generosity

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Production Assistance  | Kevin at the Sustainable Guidance Youtube Channel
Cover art via creative commons license


[ Episode #36 // Art Into Action ]

With an educational system that trains artists to develop their talents into commercial skills, our culture is missing out on the ability for art to disrupt normalcy. Why should we hope for systemic reform when the vast majority of water cooler conversations turn to American Idol and the fashion at awards shows? Will concerted efforts from artists allow us to breach difficult topics and address the economic elephant in the room? Can we use art to support behavior change, moving deeper than simply building awareness?

In Extraenvironmentalist #36 we discuss art and activism with Steve Lambert. Steve describes how his work as an artist has allowed him to create temporary utopias that prompt people to question the fundamental assumptions of society. We ask Steve how his varied work experience has helped him understand our education system and barriers to reform. What if the people around us aren't lazy and are just optimizing where their agency can have an effect?

Give Steve a follow on Twitter to keep track of his thoughts... and jokes.


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Active Child - Johnny Belinda (White Arrows Remix) via Tell All Your Friends
Django Django - Storm via Music That Isn't Bad
Talking Heads - Road to Nowhere (Rosebuds Cover)  via The Rosebuds Bandcamp
Ra Ra Riot - Oh, La (Submarines Remix) via The Burning Ear
Bonobo - The Keeper (Banks Remix) via The Music Ninja

// Extended Clips (in order of appearance)
[First Break]
Cuts and Chaos - Desperation Drives Greek Clashes
Occupy the Dream - From Wall Street to Congress
US Economic Collapse - Dmitry Orlov + Max Keiser
[Second Break]
The Secret World of Shoplifting
Bill Moyers Interview with David Stockman
Meeting an awakened person - Thomas Hübl


[ Episode #35 // Ecology + Alcohol ]

You can easily enjoy a beer without knowing about the thousands of years alcohol has modified the senses of our species. We'll go out to a bar to participate in a ritual to help us deal with the tasks of a work day, yet what if a tree does the same? Should alcohol be recognized for its ability change our consciousness in a sacred way? Are other species using the same substances we do in modifying their ability to perceive signals?

In Extraenvironmentalist #35 we speak with Stephen Harrod Buhner about his thoughts on the role of alcohol on humans and nature based around his book, Sacred and Herbal Healing Beers. We ask Stephen about the ecological role of humanity in the environment. Are Homo Sapiens like bees that serve a role much bigger than we'll ever understand? Our conversation covers the ways ancient people experienced the world and alternative approaches to brewing beer. Once your hear Stephen explain the chemistry of plants, you'll never think about that tree outside your window in the same way again.


// Music (in order of appearance)
Labyrinth Ear - Walk on the Moon (Arthur Russel Rework) via The Fader
Mansions on the Moon - Athens via Iceland Music Maffia
Kishi Bashi - Bright Whites viaConsequence of Sound
Polica - Lay Your Cards Out via Life+Times
Parov Stelar - Catgroove via IndieShuffle

// Extended Clips (in order of appearance)
Alan Watts - Roots of the Ecological Crisis
Bill Rees - The Dangerous Disconnection Between Economics and Ecology
The History of Alcohol
Terence McKenna: On Alcohol, Caffeine, Culture and Extraenvironmentalism


[ Episode #33 // Year of Jubilee ]

Expectations for the year 2012 A.D. have grown from tales of Mayan calendrical cycles and timewaves. Were there truly ancient prophecies describing catastrophes in the coming year? Is a change in human consciousness imminent as human novelty reaches its concresence? What if the global consciousness shift we've all been asking for is barreling towards us as a complete transformation in the way we think about our economy?

In Extraenvironmentalist #33 we move through all the themes for the next 365 days: from Mayans to timewaves to economic collapse and debt retribution. Our journey begins with Patricia McAnany to learn the truth about the connection between the Mayan Calendar and 2012. Next, we speak with Dennis McKenna about his brother's legacy as we enter the year Terence popularized as a potential date for the eschaton and the cultural singularity. Then, Mike Ruppert articulates the trends converging as an economic collapse, threatening to disrupt the commercial goods we rely on. Lastly, Charles Eisenstein describes the necessity for a debt jubilee to relieve the burden crushing our national economies.


// Interviews

7'35" | Patricia McAnany on Mayan 2012 Prophecy
34'30" | Dennis McKenna on Terence McKenna and the Timewave
55'08" | Mike Ruppert on Collapse
88'25" | Charles Eisenstein on Debt Jubilee

// Music (in order of appearance)
Birdy - Young Blood (Naked and the Famous Cover) via Blahblahblahblahscience
Adam and the Amethysts - Prophecy  via The Music Ninja
Counting Crows - Colorblind (Oliver Schories Edit)  via The Music Ninja
Sophie Trilby - Guardian (2012)
Memoryhouse - This Will Be Our Year (The Zombies Cover) via Pretty Much Amazing

// Extended Clips (in order of appearance)
Alan Watts on the Great Depression
Zizek on The Silent Voice of a New Beginning


[ Episode #31 // Simplifying Complexity ]

Is our species capable of looking ahead to prepare for the potentially disastrous results of larger trends? While daily existence has always presented challenges, modern civilization uses advanced technologies to address problems. Yet, is our ability to problem solve the very problem itself? What if the technology we're developing is increasing our reliance on a strategy yielding rapidly diminishing returns? Though a general understanding of complexity eludes us, are there ways of feeling it in our day-to-day life?

In Extraenvironmentalist #31 we speak with Dr. Joseph Tainter about collapse, complexity and energy. Dr. Tainter recently co-authored Drilling Down which explains why the BP Gulf Oil spill occurred in terms of the complexity that supports supports our society.  We discuss concepts of complexity, energy and a meaningful definition of sustainability. In our conversation, Dr. Tainter covers the dynamics of the Roman Empire as it moved further down the road of collapse; debasing its currency and unraveling due the expenses of foreign wars. Seth and I ask if energy alternatives exist that can support civilization, such as solar photovoltaics or wind power. If they can't, are we trapped in a complexity spiral with no way out?



// Music (in order of appearance)
Sinnitus Tempo - C'est La Vie via
Penguin Prison - Multimillionaire (Shook Remix)  via Et Musique Pour Tous
Miike Snow - Devil's Work via Pretty Much Amazing
DJ Shadow - Scale It Back ft. Little Dragon (Robotaki Remix) via The Music Ninja
Imogen Heap - Hide and Seek (ENiGMA Remix)  via The Music Ninja

// Extended Clips (in order of appearance)
Shopping Seizes Minds, Leaves No Room for News
Bill Rees - How to Convince People to Face Reality
Richard Heinberg on Transition
Thomas Homer-Dixon on Civilization Far From Equalibrium

// Additional Links
Jamie of Steppin' Off the Edge interviews KMO and Justin about collapse


[ Episode #22 // Picking Battles ]

Formerly abundant raw materials which enabled the creation of capitalist economies are falling short of allowing the system to grow any further. With this historic moment, the opportunity to re-imagine the nature of work and the structure of society arises. Maintaining a balance between the steps necessary for self preservation in a depleting culture while decoupling from the system and pursuing more meaningful work is a key challenge to thriving in the near future. If the status quo is being blatantly exposed as a fiction, what role can we play in writing the new society? Out of the 168 hours in any give week, what can be done outside of the 40 given to our employers to create the new world we envision?

In Extraenvironmentalist #22 we speak with writer, thinker and podcaster Doug Lain about his outlook on life in the time of Late Capitalism which is the primary topic of his recent non-fiction book Pick Your Battle.  We discuss the need to manage expectations around work at what feels like the end of history and how to avoid cynicism about social change while being surround by so many catastrophes. As we produce our lives, how much of living is a fiction? What role do dystopian and utopian writers have in forming a vision of the world ahead? Can we use creative acts to derail the capitalist system before it derails us while creating abundant cities for all?


// Music (in order of appearance)
Juj - My Room via SoundCloud
The Drums - Money (Craft Spells Remix) via Neighborhood Brains
Kermit the Frog - It's Not Easy Being Green (Andrew Bird Cover) via You Ain't No Picasso
Moloko - Sing It Back (Can 7 1390's Remix) via IndieShuffle
Frenic - New World via The Chuckness
Minnesota - Breathe via The Breakbeat Depot

// Extended Clips
Unwelcome Guests #565 - The World Crisis and the Wholeness of Life
The Delusion of Green Capitalism
All Watched Over By Machines of Loving Grace
Nature Does Not Exist