Topic: Decentralization

[ Episode #78 // Open Knowledge Society ]

With emerging and innovative methods for distributing information and the means of education, we're still embedded in the relationships created in the 20th century. Can our societies distribute knowledge to enable healthy forms of production and consumption as a template for a decentralized and equitable post-growth economy?

On Extraenvironmentalist #78 we discuss the FLOK Society Project with Michel Bauwens of the P2P FoundationJohn Restakis, author of Humanizing the Economy: Co-operatives in the Age of Capital. Michel and John talk about the concept of the partner state and the creation of a new knowledge commons as the basis of society. We talk about how Ecuador is seeking to transition to this decentralized economic model in preparation for the 21st century. Then, we jump back to the late 1950s to hear from Erich Fromm and Aldous Huxley on The Mike Wallace Interview as they discuss similar ideas nearly six decades earlier.

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Humanizing the Economy: Co-operatives in the age of capital by John Restakis

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NPR: Finding Power for the Cloud

Some 50% of Japan municipalities may disappear

The Japan News: Stemming the fall in population

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Open Source Philosophy
Practical Post-Scarcity

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Erich Fromm
Aldous Huxley


Terence McKenna

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[ Episode #63 // Next US Revolution ]

With a media ecosystem focused almost entirely the corporate system, burgeoning elements of a new economy revolution escape the mainstream eye. As our political systems stagnate in the face of ecological, energy and social crises, can an alternative to capitalism develop over the next few decades? Do ongoing experiments in money, society and energy have the ability to coalesce into a broader cultural shift?

In Extraenvironmentalist #63 we talk about the growing network of institutions and businesses that are forming the new economic revolution in the United States with historian and political economist Gar Alperovitz. Gar describes the ideas in his new book, What Then Must We Do: Straight Talk About the Next American Revolution. Then we hear from two of Italy's leading economists Stefano and Vera Zamagni about the civil society model of a market economy.

// Books

Gar Alperovitz // What Then Must We Do: Straight Talk About the Next American Revolution

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Greek Salaries Cut Another 10%
Mafia launders dirty money in clean energy

New Economics Institute ReRoute Summit - July 19th-21st

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New Era Windows Cooperative is Now Open for Business
Cooperatives Cash in on Austerity
Spanish Cooperative Mondragon Weathers the Financial Storm
Make a Job - Don't Take a Job


Terence McKenna speaking about the historic crisis

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