Topic: Climate Change

[ Episode #65 // Restoring Function ]

A fundamental flaw in our economy drives the consumption of our ecosystems until they enter terminal dysfunction. This logical error has eroded numerous civilizations and landscapes. Can our species cooperate to restore large-scale degraded ecosystems across the planet before terminal collapse?

In Extraenvironmentalist #65 we speak with John D. Liu about his experience documenting the restoration of China's Loess Plateau from desert into functional ecosystem.  John describes how the project could be applied to desertifying land across the planet to sequester carbon while providing meaningful livelihoods for billions. Then, we share our thoughts on three years of Extraenvironmentalist podcasts before taking on RadioLab.

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Green Gold on John D Liu.
Images of the Loess Plateau

Declaration of Interdependence

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Green Gold with John D Liu


Louis CK on Environmentalists

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