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[ Episode #79 // Money System Mayhem? ]

Over the last hundred years, the international money system has unraveled every few decades with surprising regularity. With the current US-based system reaching the end of its useful life for newly rising economic powers, will campaigns of financial warfare push countries to abandon the dollar denominated financial regime? How does human nature and behavioral psychology drive reactions to episodes of financial euphoria and fear?

In Extraenvironmentalist #79 we first speak with Jim Rickards about his new book, The Death of Money: The Coming Collapse of the International Monetary System. We ask Jim about how a potential failure of the US dollar based international financial system would play out. Jim describes how previous money system failures may shape expectations and reactions to the next crisis. Then, we discuss the neuroscience of bubbles with behavioral economist Colin Camerer. Colin tells us about his recent research that maps the human brain as financial bubbles form and crash.

// Books

The Death of Money: The Coming Collapse of the International Monetary System by Jim Rickards

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Firefly 2014 video on timber frame construction
Video from CommonBound 2014 hosted by the New Economy Coalition

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Christine Lagarde on money & the pending global reset
US dollar losing hold as world's reserve currency
Paul Krugman: We need $8 trillion to $10 trillion of QE
World Bank whistleblower: Dollar valueless, about to crash
Inside financial warfare
Jim Rogers on US dollar collapse
Paul Krugman: Fiat money is backed by men with guns


Finnish comedian Ismo Leikola on Debt

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Dick Boyell and Orchestra w/ Don Shelton - Oh Sweet Bubbles, You Make Me Feel So Good via WFMU Beware of the Blog
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Our correspondent and editor Kevin via Sustainable Guidance Youtube Channel

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