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[ Episode #1 // The Great Awakening ]

Every audible journey begins somewhere. For The Extraenvironmentalist our quest starts with these particular bits transmitted over the internet.

We are taking the discussions we have online to the compressed air between your ears and the vibrating diaphragm enabling your audio device. In this episode, we outline our reasoning for starting the podcast, cover one of what will be many blogs we follow, talk about our thoughts on why Terence McKenna's philosophy is so deep underground, discuss a bit of Jane Brox's new book Brilliant and how it relates to oil and whale depletion: specifically the BP oil spill calculated in number of whales equivalent.


// Media Links
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// Music (in order of appearance)
Baths - Maximalist via Earmilk
Local Natives - Wide Eyes (Teen Daze Remix) via Stereogum
Lobsterdust - I Will Survivor via DJ Lobsterdust
Vampire Weekend - White Sky (Cecline Remix) via We All Want Someone To Shout For
Mark Ronson - Lose It (In the End) ft. Ghostface Killah via Et Musique Pour Tous

// Corrections (let us know if you find the Easter eggs in every episode!)

Seth says that Terence has been dead for 20 years, he's only been dead for 10