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[ Episode #86 // Slow Money // Part C ]

The soil of our food system provides the roots of our culture. Without soil, our modern lifestyle would cease to exist. As climate change accelerates rates of soil erosion, will the global population be left as a stranded asset? As we fail to describe the real cost of cheap food through our vocabulary and economics, and true value of land is lost in the equation. Can we change our language and culture in time to create a new practice of sustainable farming and eating?

Extraenvironmentalist #86 closes out our coverage of the recent Slow Money National gathering through discussing the farm bill, culture, and the language of sustainability. We first hear from a panel with poet, farmer and author Wendell Berry, Maine Representative Chellie Pingree and Louisville, KY Mayor Greg Fischer. Then, a session on culture covers how our society is shaped by expectations and approaches to food. Our final piece from the conference features Douglas Gayeton discussing the Lexicon of Sustainability.


// Links and News Items

Panel with Wendell Berry, Chellie Pingree and Greg Fischer
Town Hall Meeting on Culture
Douglas Gayeton - Keynote

GMO Investing Q1 2015 Newsletter - Jeremy Grantham - Are We the Stranded Asset?
Neil DeGrasse Tyson and Bill Nye: Is Mad Max Our Future?
US National Census: Biking to Work Increases 60 Percent Over Last Decade, Census Bureau Reports h/t @GregorMacdonald
Journal of Environmental Investing: What Divesting May Yield: Revisiting “The Grasshopper and the Ant” in the Context of University Endowments

// Books

The Unsettling of America: Culture & Agriculture by Wendell Berry

Growing Food in a Hotter, Drier Land: Lessons from Desert Farmers on Adapting to Climate Uncertainty by Gary Nabhan

Local: The New Face of Food and Farming in America by Douglas Gayeton

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Slow Money 2014 Highlight Video


Jeremy Grantham Speaks at League of Conservation Voters Capital Dinner

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Burhou - Please Delete via IndieShuffle
Gramatik - In This Whole World via Soundcloud
Daniel Martin Moore - Live from the Slow Money 2014 Gathering
Glass Ghost - Sound of Money via Soundcloud
Mirror Talk - Some Boys via All Things Go Music
Trampled by Turtles - Where Is My Mind (Pixies Cover) via Soundcloud

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