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[ Episode #73A // Regarding Revolutions ]

Extraenvironmentalist #73 is a two part episode. This is the post for SIDE A - featuring our interview on a contractionary revolution with Frank Rotering. The link for SIDE B on Egypt's revolution and education with David Blacker is here.

The mainstream environmental movement has been unable to stop the ongoing ecological crisis. Are environmentalists willing to acknowledge the deep contradictions between the logic of capitalism and environmental health? Will revolutions like those in Egypt lead to a true alternative or merely perpetuate the failed dynamics of the past?

In Extraenvironmentalist #73 we talk about the prospect for a series of revolutions that establish a post-capitalist world with Frank Rotering. We discuss Frank's newest book Contractionary Revolution and cover the reformist solutions put forward by an environmental movement unwilling to face practical notions of society's power relationships which block effective attempts at a sustainable civilization. Then, we hear from David Blacker on his recent experience in post-revolutionary Egypt and the ideas in his new book The Falling Rate of Learning.

// Books

Contractionary Revolution by Frank Rotering
The Falling Rate of Learning by David Blacker

// Links and News Items

#1 - Do What You Love - Bad For Work? via our listener Jason on the XE Facebook page

#2 - Why the Rich Are Freaking Out

#3 - Financial World Deaths

Link to event video for Richard Heinberg event on February 25th

// Extended Clips (in order of appearance)

[Part A Break] - 44m

Paxman Interviews Brand on Revolution
Max Keiser on Revolution
American Revolution Has Begun

[Part B Break] - 34m

Clinton on Education
Bush on Education
Obama on Education
Clips from Waiting for Superman

Terence McKenna on Revolution

// Music (in Order of Appearance)

Tracy Chapman - Talkin Bout a Revolution (Kiddcat Edit)
Cut Copy - Blink and You'll Miss the Revolution (remakereverb electro remix)
Beatles - Revolution (Cover)
Bangles - Walk Like an Egyptian (Seeley Sketch Remix)
Lovelife - Dying to Start Again via Lower Frequencies
Bombay Bicycle Club - Home By Now via Consequence of Sound
Tobtok - Savannah via Tracasseur

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Our correspondent and editor Kevin via Sustainable Guidance Youtube Channel

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