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[ Episode #68 // Better Than Normal ]

Society dramatically underestimates human potential, placing our imagination within a limited range of possibilities. What are the psychological limits of our species? Is there reliable scientific evidence of supernormal human capabilities? What areas of scientific study could replace the failing aims of a materialist scientific paradigm? Would compelling evidence for special abilities change our beliefs and institutions?

In Extraenvironmentalist #68 we speak with Dean Radin about his new book Supernormal and his decades of research into telepathy, precognition, clairvoyance for our 2013 Halloween Special. We ask Dr. Radin if the stories of ancient yogis were exaggerated superstitions or if they may have some basis in reality. Dean describes his process for studying controversial phenomena and how he is working to build a reliable non-materialist scientific process.

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Supernormal by Dean Radin

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Only 1 in 8 global workers psychologically committed to their job
Financial workers fall sick due to stress

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[Break] - 30m

Alan Watts - What is Yoga
Alan Watts - Intellectual Yoga
Terence McKenna on Telepathy


Terence McKenna - Imagination in the Light of Nature

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One of the many x-files remixes on the internet
Free n Losh - What We'll See
Free n Losh - Things You Don't Understand
Free n Losh - Open Your Eyes

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