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[ Episode #58 // Permaculture Possibilities ]

Even though our global environmental challenges have become dramatically more severe over the last several decades, our understanding of ecological processes have significantly deepened. Permaculture approaches offer a unique toolkit to address problems of desertification, poisoned landcapes, impure water supplies and more. Yet will low-tech solutions that work with nature be able to capture a public imagination expecting technological progress to look like business as usual?

In Extraenvironmentalist #58 our correspondent Kevin joins us to cover permaculture approaches to our global challenges. We hear segments from Pacific Northwest Permaculture Convergence sessions on innovative landscape management practices, biochar for carbon sequestration, mycological approaches to cleaning up our pollution and more. We also hear a few extended interviews from the Pacific Northwest Permaculture Convergence to wrap up our coverage of the largest permaculture summit in North America.

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Coursera MOOC on Climate Change Literacy
Allan Savory's TED Talk on Greening Deserts

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