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Guest: Sally Benson

Dr. Sally Benson is a professor of energy resources engineering in the School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences, co-director of the Precourt Institute for Energy, and Director of the Global Climate and Energy Project at Stanford University. Formerly, Benson was at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, where she held a variety of key positions, including Deputy Director, Associate Director for Energy Sciences, and Director of the Earth Sciences Division. She is regarded as an authority on carbon capture and storage. She also uses energy systems analysis to help guide decisions about the most promising pathways for clean energy development.

On Twitter: @StanfordEnergy

On the Web:  Sally’s page at Stanford­­

Sally Benson is featured in:

[Episode #107] – Macro-Energy Systems

Energy transition is a complex thing, involving technology, the economy, market structures, regulation, a changing climate, politics, and more. So why don’t we teach and study it that way, instead of in siloed disciplines?

In an effort to encourage more informed and collaborative work—across disciplines, and at appropriately large scales—a group of researchers at Stanford University has proposed a new discipline they are calling “macro-energy systems.” Its goal is to grapple with the challenges of studying large-scale energy systems, focusing on phenomena that occur over long time spans, large areas, and large scale energy flows.

In this episode, we speak with one of the professors behind the effort, who explains how bringing together a community of researchers from multiple disciplines to develop a lingua franca and some common frameworks can better equip all researchers to tackle the challenges of climate change and energy transition. She also shares her expertise on the state of carbon capture and storage technologies!

Geek rating: 5