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Guest: Paul Hines

Dr. Paul Hines is VP, Power Systems at EnergyHub, where he leads the Data Science and Power Systems Intelligence (DataPSI) team, which develops and maintains advanced control, prediction, analysis and machine learning algorithms used in EnergyHub’s DERMS. Paul joined EnergyHub in 2021 through he acquisition of Packetized Energy, a distributed energy software startup, where he was co-founder and CEO. From 2007-2021, Paul was a professor in electrical engineering and director of the energy systems laboratory at the University of Vermont, leading research on energy reliability, resilience and distributed technology and policy. Formerly he worked in power systems engineering roles at the US National Energy Technology Laboratory, the US Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, Alstom ESCA, and Black and Veatch.

On Twitter: @paulhinesenergy

On the Web:  Paul’s LinkedIn profile | Paul’s faculty page at UVM

Paul Hines is featured in:

[Episode #186] – Transition in Vermont, Part 1

This is the first show in a new format we are piloting for the Energy Transition Show. Instead of exploring a particular topic with one guest who has a non-commercial perspective, as most of our shows so far have done, this new format aims to tell stories about how the energy transition is proceeding in some of the places Chris visits in his travels. Through interviews with multiple local experts, including those who are working in the energy sector, we hope this new format will help to demonstrate how the unique challenges and opportunities in every place will determine its particular path through the energy transition.

We are kicking off this new show format with some stories about Vermont for a simple reason: When it comes to the energy transition, Vermont stands out as a place that punches way above its weight. It has innovated numerous policies and mechanisms to reduce its energy consumption and carbon emissions that have been emulated by other US states. And it continues to serve as a model to the rest of the country for effective energy transition strategies.

You’ll learn more about all of these accomplishments, as well as what makes Vermont such an exemplar in the energy transition, in this two-part miniseries based on interviews with eight local experts.

In this first part, we talk about the supply side of Vermont’s energy picture. In the second part, we’ll look at the demand side.

Recording date: October 11-15, 2021

Air date: November 23, 2022

Geek Rating: 4


Geek rating: 4