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Guest: Lorraine Akiba

 Lorraine Akiba is a Commissioner with the Hawaii Public Utilities Commission. She previously practiced environmental law, and has held leadership positions at a number of national and state professional legal organizations. She is a member of the Advisory Council to the Board of Directors of the Electric Power Research Institute; a member of the U.S. DOE and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Future Electric Utility Regulation Advisory Group; and she serves on the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners Board of Directors and its Energy Resources and Environment Committee. She also is a member of the State and Local Energy Efficiency Action Network (SEE Action) Financial Solutions Working Group.

On the Web: State of Hawaii Public Utilities Commission

Lorraine Akiba is featured in:

[eLab Extra #2] – Hawaii’s Energy Transition

Full Episode

This is a special, free "extra" episode recorded at RMI’s eLab Annual Summit in December 2016 in Austin, Texas.

How is Hawaii managing one of the most rapid energy transitions in history to variable wind and solar generators, while maintaining a balanced, isolated grid and actually reducing long-term costs? It’s no accident: They have developed a transition roadmap and they are working hard to adopt the latest technology while preserving social equity…not just for grid power, but for electric vehicles as well, toward a goal of reaching 100% renewable electricity by 2045. Lorraine Akiba of the Hawaii PUC shares her perspective in an interview from RMI’s eLab Annual Summit 2016.


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