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Guest: Justin Gerdes

 Justin Gerdes, independent journalist specializing in energy issues based in the San Francisco Bay Area. His work has appeared at, the Guardian, Yale Environment 360,,, and Ensia, among others.

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[Episode #17] – Denmark’s Energy Transition

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In percentage terms, Denmark is the world leader in energy transition, as well as the king of wind power. Wind now supplies 42% of all Denmark’s electricity, and by 2020, the country plans to get fully half of its power from wind. It’s also the only developed country in the world with a serious plan to achieve 100% of its energy – just not electricity, but all energy – from renewables, and plans to do it by 2050. In this episode we talk with energy journalist Justin Gerdes about his new e-book on Denmark’s energy transition, Quitting Carbon: How Denmark Is Leading the Clean Energy Transition and Winning the Race to the Low-Carbon Future.

Geek rating: 2