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Guest: Jeremy Leggett

Jeremy Leggett, Founder of Solarcentury and SolarAid, Chair of Carbon Tracker, and author of five books on energy transition.

On Twitter: @JeremyLeggett

Jeremy Leggett is featured in:

[Episode #5] – Winning the Carbon War

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One man's sweeping ride through three decades of campaigning for action on climate and deploying solar from a veteran of the "carbon wars," plus his pithy observations on what our leaders in government and in the energy industry really think. And in the news segment: New studies are finding that renewables are getting cheaper than any other grid power; the continuing death of "baseload power" and the rise of flexible grids; more coal and nuclear power plants are being closed; and why deregulation and consumer choice isn’t necessarily the fastest path toward grid power transition.

Geek rating: 2