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Guest: Christa Clapp

Christa Clapp is Partner and Co-Founder of CICERO Shades of Green, and formerly led the research on climate finance at CICERO climate research institute. She has over 20 years of experience in climate policy and economic analysis. Christa previously held positions at the OECD and the US Environmental Protection Agency. She is a Lead Author on finance and investment for the forthcoming IPCC 6th Assessment Report on climate mitigation.

On Twitter: @CSClapp

On the Web:  CICERO Shades of Green

Christa Clapp is featured in:

[Episode #167] – Rating Green Bonds

More than a half a trillion dollars in green bonds were issued in 2021, raising hopes that investment into the energy transition and climate change solutions is finally starting to approach the scale that it needs to have to halt global warming. But how green is green?

In this episode, we speak with Christa Clapp, the co-founder of CICERO Shades of Green, a market leader in external reviews (also known as ‘second opinions’) of green bonds and companies. Fund managers and other investors can use these ratings to sort out the ‘light green’ from the ‘dark green’ (or the not green at all) and decide whether an investment meets their eligibility criteria and is likely to have a real impact on climate change.

Geek rating: 5