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    Users activate accounts using their institutional email or IP address via a custom webpage with your logo and branding
  • Research License
    Use Energy transition show notes and resources in your professional reports, term papers, and research
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  • Custom Activation Page
    Users activate accounts using their institutional email or IP address via a custom webpage with your logo and branding
  • Research License
    Use Energy transition show notes and resources in your professional reports, term papers, and research

The Energy Transition Show’s mission is to create a resource that cultivates learning and long-term thinking about energy.

Our mission makes The Energy Transition Show podcast inherently different from those sponsored by media organizations who are typically just looking to generate buzz, or those produced by casual hobbyist podcasters.

Our podcasts are like audio editions of a professional journal: highly structured and researched, focused, direct, and engaging evergreen content designed to teach the next generation of energy transition professionals.

Each individual Energy Transition Show episode is produced to deliver substantial learning objectives consistent with university-level lectures on topics that have perpetual value, based on dozens of hours of research. University students and professionals transitioning to new careers all over the world have discovered that each Energy Transition Show episode is like a course guest lecture and Q&A session with some of the most brilliant and accomplished thinkers, scholars and industry leaders on transition in the world.

If you’re a corporate or nonprofit organization, we offer bulk subscription options based on the number of licenses.

If you’re with a university, your school library can purchase an institution-wide site license, just as they do for research journals, at the equivalent cost of just two classes at our half-priced student rate.

Therefore, even if only one class is planning to use the show as part of the curriculum, your school will gain significant value by obtaining a site license to give the entire university access to the show.

With an institution wide site license, your students and faculty will have access to:

Two new 60-90 minute podcast episodes twice per month with leading researchers, scholars and thinkers at the forefront of transforming the energy system

The full back-catalog of members-only episodes (100+ hours of content) – like a micro-library of energy transition

Full English transcripts of each episode’s interview in our interactive real-time transcript player that scrolls the transcript as you listen

Access to in-depth show notes with links to all the research resources and news items used in each episode, providing a valuable resource for course projects and research

Enhanced research tools that let you search the full transcripts and meta-information for each episode, plus sort and filter episodes by topic, technical depth (the infamous Geek Rating), and guest.

“I first approached Chris two years ago about using the podcast in my renewable energy course, which is a standard upper division science course at our university. He was able to get all of my students access to the show for a discounted rate, and the course has never been the same. I began by assigning the podcast as additional material in case a student is particularly interested in a certain subject. The podcast has grown so much since then in terms of both the diversity and depth of content that it is now fully integrated into the syllabus. For example, after we complete the chapter on photovoltaics, we have a discussion about the ‘Future of Solar Energy’ based upon the questions developed and asked by Chris in Episode 72, ‘The Future of Solar.’ Some of the content will push students’ understanding  and some of it will complement that done in the classroom,  making the podcast a nice, versatile tool with which to teach.” – Dr. David Murphy, Associate Professor of Environmental Studies, St. Lawrence University

“The Energy Transition Show has been an invaluable addition to my classes. I assign specific episodes to reinforce and build on topics covered in class, and I assign groups of episodes as supporting material to enable students to dive deeper on an topic. It’s great for the students to hear many of the authors of the papers we’re discussing in class summarize their research as a guest on the show. Host Chris Nelder does a great job explaining challenging energy sector concepts, and the podcast format and accompanying transcript makes the content accessible.” – Costa Samaras, Associate Professor, Carnegie Mellon University

“A few times In my life while channel surfing, I have happened upon a show that made me think, “I was lucky to have found this show.  I will always remember it.”  That is how is I feel about almost every episode of The Energy Transition Show.  I look forward each new episode of this podcast in my queue like a kid looks forward to birthdays.  I listen to every episode, take notes, and access the archive from time to time.  Listening to each show is like sitting in on a valuable college colloquium – quality stuff.

The Energy Transition Show sets the standard for energy podcasts.  Each show features experts in their respective fields.  These guests share up-to-date research, findings, and trends.  There are numerous references to peer-reviewed papers and journals.  Many of the guests, coming from a science background, also will acknowledge the limitations of their data and present other points of view.  When appropriate, host Chris Nelder, gently plays devil’s advocate in a way that can be done only by one passionate about and well-versed in the particular field.  It is apparent that Chris has prepared well for each show.

Chris took a risk by accepting no advertising on The Energy Transition Show.  That risk is paying off with objective podcasting.

The intro- and outro- music is fun.  The short wrap-up segments at the end of each episode are a well-selected summary of energy news.

Chris speaks intelligently, and, while being personable, avoids the “listen-to-me-be-chattily-charming” verbosity found in many podcasts.

The Energy Transition Show is a fantastic resource for any college class related to energy, the environment, or geology.  A good part of my college introductory environmental geology curriculum relates directly to minerals extraction, energy production, and the cascading effects from those two processes.  The Energy Transition Show is a most valuable addition to our class resources.

If you want to learn a lot about energy transition in 1-2 hours/episode, start here. Try the free version, then transition by subscribing.  No need to thank me.  Just pass the word to others.” – Jeff Simpson, PVCC (Paradise Valley) and SMCC (South Mountain) Community Colleges, Maricopa County Community College District.

“Our researchers are enjoying the podcast and the feedback are positive.” – Rehab Al Khalifah, Senior Library Analyst, Research Library, King Abdullah Petroleum Studies and Research Center

“The Energy Transition Show is a tremendous pedagogical asset to a course on sustainable energy strategies I’ve been teaching at San Jose State University. The podcasts deliver high quality content that introduces students to the leading scientists, analysts, and thinkers working on energy, climate, and sustainability issues. The concepts explored are critical to energy transition studies, and the topics discussed are timely, engaging, and most importantly of all relevant. Host Chris Nelder orchestrates interviews and conversations with guests masterfully towards identifying the challenges and opportunities in energy transition, sometimes diving far into the weeds on technical topics, other times outlining the broad contours of energy transition, but always in a way remaining accessible to listeners. The show notes, transcripts, and links to research papers, organizations, and other energy news are also invaluable resources, allowing students to quickly find the most relevant things to follow up on to dig into these topics further. Finally, as an audiophile, I appreciate the high-quality sound production, the team sure knows how to throw down a mix. This podcast is critically important listening for anyone interested in energy transitions, and sustainability science and engineering.” – Dr. Dustin Mulvaney, Associate Professor, Department of Environmental Studies, San José State University

“As the class representative for the European Union’s InnoEnergy Master’s program, I organized a student discount for our class based on my personal experience with the podcast. The Energy Transition Show was highly influential in my decision to leave a career as an engineer in the Alberta oil sands and go back to school; it opened my eyes to a world of incredibly exciting work going on in energy transition, brought me out of my bubble and set me firmly on the path towards a clean energy future. Since InnoEnergy students have started using the podcast in 2017, it has been used not only as a theoretical supplement to course work, but as real inspiration and source material for hands-on project work. We make use of both the podcast and the excellent show notes, and several students have met or Skyped with guests from the show to explore topics in more detail. No other energy podcast reaches this level of technical detail and quality while maintaining approachability for those new to the topic; I truly cannot say enough good things about this as a resource for energy students and the clean power geek community at large.” – Dan Pezim, P.Eng, InnoEnergy MSc SELECT Student Representative