Chris Nelder would like to thank the following individuals (whether they want it or not) for helping to make the Energy Transition Show a success.

Stephen Lacey for inspiration, encouragement, technical advice, and having me as a guest on his podcast, The Energy Gang. Instead of treating us as competition, he treated us as an ally. A class act and a real gentleman.

Jigar Shah of Generate Capital and The Energy Gang for encouragement and frequent shoutouts on his Twitter feed. A thumbs-up from Jigar is worth a thousand thumbs-ups from most other folks.

Morgan Bazilian of the World Bank for numerous referrals, good advice, and general spiritual support.

Gregor Macdonald of TerraJoule for being an intellectual colleague, debater, supporter, and a friend when I needed it most.

Mike Sugar for generously donating his music to the show, and for being an all-around mensch and a pal forever. Need a bassist or a sound engineer? You should hire him.

Taylor Kuykendall of S&P Global Market Intelligence for topically appropriate musical suggestions.

Kevin, our sound editor, for being awesome and generous with his copious talents.

Justin Ritchie and Seth Moser-Katz of the Extraenvironmentalist for pitching the idea of the Energy Transition Show in the first place, and making a substantial investment to bring it to life. And especially to Justin for being a terrific producer. You have my eternal gratitude.

And finally, to all the guests and subscribers who make the show what it is. It wouldn't exist without you!